Honokiol protects muscles from normal inflammation caused by intense exercise

Honokiol is a compound extracted from Magnolia officinalis bark. Now pre-clinical research shows that honokiol protects muscles from the normal inflammation caused by intense exercise. This study broadens honokiol’s acknowledged benefits in supporting and maintaining overall health and wellness.

Marathons, triathlons and other feats of strength and endurance typically generate inflammation in the muscles as a result of exertion. It appears that honokiol  addresses this normal inflammation response, and support faster recovery from intense exercise. That would be great for athletes or people that do heavy occasional workouts followed by muscle pain.

In the study, researchers had rats perform an intense exercise regimen, both with and without oral intake of honokiol. The honokiol-fed rats were spared a great deal of the normal inflammation associated with extended exercise. Specifically, honokiol reduced the expression of a wide variety of inflammatory proteins that are generated normally by excessive exercise.

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