Topical treatment with pterostilbene, effectively protects hairless mice against UVB radiation

In an interesting study, published in April, 2015, it shown that pterostilbene prevented acute UVB, radiation-induced inflammation and photoaging-associated skin damages. The study also showed that pterostilbene effectively prevented chronic UVB radiation-induced skin carcinogenesis (90% of pterostilbene-treated mice did not develop skin carcinomas, whereas a large number of tumors was observed in all controls). The protective effect of pterostilbene was associated with maintaining skin antioxidant defenses and inhibition of UVB-induced oxidative damage.

Dr. Jose M. Estrela, research director of the Cell Pathophysiology Unit at the Department of Physiology, University of Valencia and research director of Green Molecular, commented, “Research conducted in my laboratory clearly indicates that pterostilbene has the capacity to protect skin from the sun’s cancer-causing ultraviolet rays. Taking into account the high number of solar-radiation related skin cancers, addition of pterostilbene to sun protection formulations may certainly help in saving lives. With so many people dying from cancer every year, prevention and early detection and treatment are the best long-term options.”

You can find the study here.

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