Antioxidants linked to spread of skincancer

It is not the first time suggestions surfaced that antioxidants may be harmful.  Now a new study, published in Science Translational Medicine by Martin Bergö, a cell biologist at the University of Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska Cancer Center in Sweden demonstrates that anti oxidants seem to help spread skiing cancer.

Anti oxidants are know to protect cells against damage but scientists now think that antioxidants, at high enough levels, also protect cancer cells from these same free radicals. “There now exists a sizable quantity of data suggesting that antioxidants can help cancer cells much like they help normal cells,” says Zachary Schafer, a biologist at the University of Notre Dame, who was not involved in the new study. Last year the scientists behind the melanoma study found that antioxidants fuel the growth of another type of malignancy, lung cancer.

The study suggest that cancer cells are very sensitive to oxidative stress, in particular when they spread to other body parts. The anti oxidants with there protective effect hence help cancer cells survive. The findings seem to suggest that once cancer is present in the body it may be more beneficial to raise the oxidative stress.

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