Coffee makes you old? Study indicates that coffee extract inhibits SIRT1/2

(Edit: also read the new article about the latest reported findings)

Now this is a possibly worrying study, that is if you are a coffee drinker.

The study objective was to screen for compounds that can help fight cancer. The researcher searched for potential Sirt inhibitors in coffee.  The screening led to the isolation of a potent Sirt1/2 inhibitor, whose structure was determined as javamide-II (N-caffeoyltryptophan). While that is great news for potential cancer treatment medication it is potentially bad news for people who enjoy a regular cup of coffee and worse for those that drink several cups every day.

In the study, potential Sirt inhibitors were screened using the coffee extract. First, HPLC was utilized to fractionate the coffee extract, then screened using a Sirt1/2 inhibition assay. The screening led to the aforementioned isolation of  javamide-II (N-caffeoyltryptophan) as an inhibitor.

Various studies have determined that Sirtuin activity is beneficial for health and staving of the effect of aging. The level of SIRT1 decreases during aging and is accompanied by attenuated mitochondrial biogenesis, an important component of aging-related diseases. Even though the study was not meant to determine whether coffee promotes aging the finding that coffee constituents reduce SIRT1/2 activity would indicate that it potentially does.

It will be worthwhile to follow up the research around javamide-II (N-caffeoyltryptophan) and in particular to understand the bioavailability and dosing to get a picture if any real and meaningful SIRT1/2 inhition is caused by drinking a cup of coffee.

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