Nicotinamde Riboside Dosing Overview (updated 11th of November 2016)

One of the questions when using supplementation is the dosing. How much to take? What to expect?

On this blog I have written and published several articles about research with Nicotinamide Riboside (NR). In part of these studies NR was administered orally and human doses for supplementation could be calculated. On this page you can find a summary of these outcomes. The calculated dosing can be found in the last column. For the calculation FDA guidelines were used.

It can be seen that for therapeutic applications the researchers typically have chosen for high dosing which resulted in positive effects. These doses are clearly higher that the recommended doses written on the packages of sold supplements which is typically 250mg / day and also higher than the estimated maximum values from the safety assessment. It should be noted that this safety level is somewhat conservative (please read the article). Nevertheless dosing at these high levels should likely only be done under medical supervision.

Testing by Chromadex has however shown that NAD+ is clearly raised already at lower levels of supplementation (100 mg, 300 mg and 1 gram doses of NR) suggesting that positive effects should also occur at lower levels. Unfortunately the researchers in these studies did not repeat the tests at lower dosing levels leaving it somewhat open what the minimum effective dose is. Personally I have used NR daily with dosing ranging from 250-500mg and have settled at a level of 375mg / day with good perceived benefits for my health, mental and physical condition. As people come in all forms and sizes a good range for experimentation in my view is from 125mg-500mg.

Here the overview, will update this regularly:

Application – Outcome – Animal Model & Dose – Human Equivalent Dose – Dose for 70kg (154lbs) person

Safety Test      Safe             Rat-300mg/kg/day       48mg/kg/day                            288mg/day

Metabolism    Positive       Mice-30mg/kg/day       2.4mg/kg / day                        170mg/day

Alzheimer’s     Positive       Mice-250mg/kg/day    20mg/kg/day                             1.1g/day

Lifespan           Positive       Mice-400mg/kg/day    32mg/kg/day                            2.1g/day

Liver injury     Positive       Mice-500mg/kg/day    41mg/kg/day                             2.8g/day

Liver cancer    Positive       Mice-500mg/kg/day    41mg/kg/day                             2.8g/day

NAFLD             Positive       Mice-500mg/kg/day    41mg/kg/day                             2.8g/day

Diabetes          Positive       Mice-3g/kg/day            240mg/kg / day                        17g/day

6 thoughts on “Nicotinamde Riboside Dosing Overview (updated 11th of November 2016)

  • September 26, 2016 at 5:31 am

    Personally, I have found issues with dosing for myself. I have an autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s Syndrome. When I first started, I just took one 125mg cap and found on an empty stomach it hit me in about 20 min. The next day I doubled it to two caps of 125mg, but did not get the energy spike I had the day before. I have followed the dosing used by some people on Longecity, up to 1 gram in a series of doses, but find that it actually tires me out as the day goes on, just the opposite of the posters. I do not understand why a low dose of 125mg gives me the most effect. Does having an autoimmune issue cause me to be more sensitive to this? Have you seen any studies using people with autoimmune problems. I know one person on Longecity that has Lupus and seems to react in a similar manner for some reason. All the trials of autoimmunity use mice and the man made version of MS (EAE). Have you run across real people using NR on real autoimmune diseases and getting relief, or God forbid, a remission? I would imagine the dosing would be extremely high, 10+ grams. Also the problem is getting a doctor in on it with you, even the researchers don’t know enough about it, so how are you going to find a doctor to keep tabs on you? Only way is go it alone and hope for the best. Any info you have heard or read would be very much appreciated as this site seems to be the “go to” for NR info.

    • September 26, 2016 at 11:10 am

      Hey Liz, I have also read the EAE experiments on mice and the role of increasing NAD+. In all cases mice are injected as opposed to receiving oral NAD+ precurser making it even more difficult to correlate to NR supplementation. There was a new study published using mice. What was interesting and hopefull was that in the report they mention that “even with a low-dose NAD+ treatment (approximately 5 mg per mouse), the EAE mice also showed significant amelioration of clinical signs”.
      Other EAE studies I have seen used 60mg so 12x higher. It appears that researchers typically go in with high dosing. My guess is that they believe this increases the chance of effect. But nobody tries to find the threshold value.

      If I recall well when I started with NR at 250mg a day it also felt as an energy boost. Over time that replaced itself with a general sense of fitness. Also I noticed “waves” where there are less energetic periods (days in a row). When I first noticed that I doubted whether I should keep using NR. The same happened to my parents. I don’t have any scientific explanation for that but I imagine that the body goes through some kind of adjustment as result of the NR use and perhaps that is causing this. Or then it is simply imaginative, from the day I started taking NR I became hyper focused on anything that I felt. But that may have been there all the time so leading me to wrong conclusions.

      I notice that many people expect fast effects and ramp up dosing. My view has always been that things change slow so I stick for several months to a dosing level. Not sure how long and consistent you use but instead of jumping to high dosing fast why not try lets say 375mg for a couple months and then conclude what to do next?

  • September 26, 2016 at 10:56 pm

    That is as good a plan as any considering what we know so far about NR. The issues with diminishing returns could be due to a number of reasons,which you probably have already heard of. The first is due to methylation. In this case I tried using TMG daily and cycling the NR, 2 days on, one off. This seems to help since I feel after one day off it hits me harder. There is also another theory pushed by Vincent Giuliano of Anti Aging FIrewalls, that NQO1 is the limiting factor and regardless how much you take, it will revert back to what is dictated by NQO1, for this reason he has stopped using it, last I heard. I have also used this in conjunction with oxaloacetate, since this compound regulates the NAD/NADH ratio,which is supposed to be more important that the actual NAD levels, so perhaps in conjunction with NR I am hitting it from different angles, raising NAD and altering the ratio favorably. It is all experimentation. I wish I could fast forward 10 years and have some answers as to how NR works best, if it even does when all the dust settles. Maybe we will eventually find out it was more hype. Sinclair has been known for that. Thank you for the solid advice, hoping it will bring me to a better place.

    • September 28, 2016 at 6:01 pm

      It sounds you are an expert yourself, you can start a blog as well 🙂

      Wrt the methylation you may be correct that at a very high dosing levels it could be an issue. It has surprised me that none of the research measures homocysteine levels or is concerned about it. Personally I take a multivitamin that includes B complex, just to avoid any risks.

      I have read the Anti Aging Firewall NQO1 theory but I don’t believe that. We all take NR at intervals so its transient by itself. A boost and then falling back to base levels as the body uses it up till the next boost. I somewhat doubt the body would be able to build a mechanism against this.

  • February 12, 2018 at 7:15 am

    I started on 100 mg/day about 2 months ago. My BP (on meds) has dropped from about 140/80 to 125/70. Is this typical? Wondering too if 100 is the right dose.

  • September 4, 2018 at 7:33 am

    I noticed nothing at 250 mg of NR per day but had a dramatic positive effect with 600 mg NAC 3 times per day. Of course it’s totally different (in that it supports glutathione production) but noted remarkable increase in vitality.


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