End of holiday, personal experiences update

Hope all had a good holiday, I took a three weeks break to visit family and spend some time relaxing at the Cote d’Azur. You can read my updated supplement experiences in the usual separate page here. I noticed that a number of  interesting research reports were published in August. I will try to catch up with those in the coming month as well as publish some more info on the odds of being a natural Urolithin A producer.

Final note is that I can truly recommend all to exercise and stay in shape and try whether nutritional supplements improve your health. I know this sounds strange to say but it is what I feel and observe: over the last 1.5 years I have become somewhat younger and the anti-aging improvements are continuing at a slow but gradual pace. Its impossible to predict where and when this will end and whether it extends life-span but I am optimistic it will extend my health-span. At least it enhances my life today, I feel like I am a decade younger with an appearance to match it. Of-course disease can always strike and luck can run out, but when you can try to influence the odds in responsible way then why not try?

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