200 page research work behind several Nicotinamide Ribose PRs published online

This week the thesis work behind for example the press releases “Nicotinamide Riboside increases the Co-enzyme NAD+ in Human Clinical Study” and “Unexpected Discovery of Novel Biomarkers of Effective NAD+ Precursor, Nicotinamide Riboside” was published online.

The thesis, “NOVEL NAD+ METABOLOMIC TECHNOLOGIES AND THEIR APPLICATIONS TO NICOTINAMIDE RIBOSIDE INTERVENTIONS”, by Samuel A.J. Trammell was done at the Graduate College of The University of Iowa under supervision of Professor Charles Brenner.

It contains a wealth of research information and findings detailing several of the virtues of NR. Quotes from the work:
– My investigations indicate that NR robustly increases the NAD metabolome, especially NAD+ in a manner kinetically different than any other NAD+ precursor. In chapter 4, we establish that NR is a superior NAD+ precursor compared to NMN using stable isotope labeling technologies.
– I provide the first evidence of effective NAD+ supplementation from NR in a healthy, 52 year old human male, suggesting the metabolic promoting qualities of NR uncovered in rodent studies are translatable to humans.
– In chapter 5: we then compare the effect of NA, Nam, and NR on the murine hepatic NAD metabolome. All three precursors increase NAD+ as expected. However, both Nam and NR increase NAAD. Additionally, we report for the first time that NR is a far superior effector in NAD+ metabolism, increasing both hepatic NAD+ and NAAD to a greater extent compared to NA and Nam. Further, we tested whether and confirmed that NR directly contributes to NAAD using stable isotope technologies. In Dr. Schmidt’s work, we confirm that NAAD positively correlates with NR dosage in a group of healthy human subjects. Together, these works performed in human and murine systems prove NR is superior to other B3 vitamins effecting the NAD metabolome and increasing NAD+ in particular and uncover that NAAD may be a future, clinical biomarker for the effect of NR on NAD+ metabolism.
– I further establish NR as a general therapeutic against metabolic disorder by detailing its ability to oppose aspects of chronic alcoholism and diabetes mellitus.

And many more results and analyses. You can find the dissertation work here and most likely you will see references to this work on this blog in the future. More information about nicotinamide riboside, its uses, dosing, you can find here. Happy reading.

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