Personal experiences: My hair regrowth and why I think an NR experiment may be the reason

For some time I have been following testimonials of people with regards to the health benefits they experience by using nicotinamide riboside. One of the areas that is seldom mentioned is hair regrowth. That makes me believe that nicotinamide riboside users do not experience hair regrowth or that it is so minor they do not find it worth to mention. It is also safe to say I think that for example Charles Brenner did not experience hair regrowth which can be easily concluded from his interview video……no offense…

I have however experienced hair regrowth: my hairline is coming down, typical areas that thin out with men are getting thicker again as well as thickening  in general. This started almost 1.5 years ago and the recovery continuous still today (see last picture). You can see pictures below and conclude yourself whether it is true or not. I know it is the case and close people around me confirm it. So if others don’t experience it and I do then the question is what is different? One difference might be that I did my own “fighting baldness” experiment based on a hunch that hair loss may be caused by deteriorating metabolism. I was also speculating that because one of the challenges in the scalp is low hair follicle blood circulation that the orally taken NR may not sufficiently reach the scalp in order to “rejuvenate” the hair follicles. This entire reasoning may be wrong and is likely wrong but regardless it motivated me to do some experimentation and I created a lotion with NR dissolved/mixed into it. As I started in summertime (2015) I also added some pterostilbene that reputedly protects against the damages of sunlight. I rubbed it into the hairline area and on places that showed hair thinning / balding. Typically I created a lotion that would last 3 days. Since I have learned that NR may not be entirely stable so probably only the first day application might have done something. In the beginning I would make the 3 day lasting mix once a week. Ever since the hair regrowth got on track I slowed it to once a month.

Comments and own experiences welcome. Also I updated the general personal experiences page which you can find here.

(EDIT: based on some feedbacks please consider the improvement in the light of a situation of a retreating hairline and thinning hair. My hope was to halt this process, but it has reversed which exceeded my expectations. I will post new pictures in a few months, the process of re-growth is slow but steady)



7 thoughts on “Personal experiences: My hair regrowth and why I think an NR experiment may be the reason

  • December 11, 2016 at 10:59 pm

    Hi, thank you very much for the feedback.
    Can you give the amount of NR & Ptero you put per mL of vehicule, which i guess is pure alcool or so. Giving details on the vehicule would help too, to reproduce the very same experiment.
    As for myself, supplementing orally w/ NR & Ptero as well since one year, in regard to hair loss I never experienced new hairs, so a topical w/ NR & Ptero is a good experiment.

    As for many, I experienced NR supplementation twice a day (every 12 hours) as the best way to keep NAD+ boost in the plasma, but supplementing later in the day leads me to insomnia. At least, a topical applied 2 or 3 times a day should not have this problem.

    • December 13, 2016 at 6:07 pm

      Sure. I used an existing face cream, one that was quite liquid as a base (Nivea brand) and mixed the NR / Ptero into it, stirred it for some 5 minutes and would leave it standing 1-2 hours before using it. Unfortunately I do not have pure NR or Ptero, instead I opened the capsules but that means you get the filler too. I dont think that dissolves and actually stays on the skin surface. I used approx 4 ml cream with 1 capsule NR (125mg) and 1 capsule Ptero (50mg). I applied it once a day in the evening. Considering the unstability half a capsule with 2ml is probably a better way to do it. Goodluck and hope to hear whether you see some improvement in a month.

      • April 6, 2017 at 2:21 pm

        Thank you for your story. I arrived here out of interest in using NR against hair loss. Is NR unstable when mixed with a liquid? Can you point me to some articles about that? I also want to mix it and use it topically.


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