Elysium Health appears under increasing criticism, now sued for not paying bills

Elysium Health launched with much fanfare and articles laced with names of renowned institutes and researchers some 3 years ago. Promising a science based approach to nutraceuticals it has so far only released results that coincidently serve to support its product sales by stating its safe to use and that it increases NAD+ which is known already. In their press release it calls its “product” a pre-cursor for raising NAD+. This bypasses the fact that they did not discover the pre-curser compounds that seem so promising in bringing health benefits.

In reality they sell one of the more expensive nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene product formulations in the market. All it essentially does is package the compounds into a single capsule for a hefty markup of the base cost of the raw materials. Using SEC filings, a back of the envelop calculation indicates that this mark up is more than a factor 4.

As argued in this article the so called science advisory board appears to be a setup were “Nobel Prize winners lend their faces, credibility, to supplement maker Elysium’s advertising campaign“.

It also quotes a recent new member of this board with regards to compensation:

“Elysium declined to say how much it is paying its advisory board members, but noted that not all are compensated. Church says in exchange for joining the advisory board he received 0.5 percent of the company’s shares. He has attended one face-to-face meeting with company officials, he says, and had several exchanges by phone and e-mail. He called the workload typical of an advisory role”.

So being an advisor appears to be good business. Now Elysium Health is being sued for not paying its bills and accusations of other less than ethical sounding business practices. This may come to bite the Elysium customers once stock runs out. In the filing this statement by the supplier was included:


Luckily there are other options available. In general for consumers it seems prudent to check pricing before buying and here is hoping that Chromadex considers a direct sales program to consumers that bypasses price increasing middle men like Elysium Health.



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