Personal experiences: dosing & timing experiment

In the last months I have tried a new dosing and timing change. For a long time I had taken 250mg Niagen in the morning and 250mg before bed time. But with human trials taking place at higher dosing and no indications that spreading the dosing over the day has any influence I decided to try something new. I started using 750mg Niagen in one dose in the morning. For a short while this seemed to work out fine or at least similar to the old regime. But after some weeks I started to doubt the effectiveness, feeling less fresh and also appearance wise I looked tired even though gym performance stayed good. I had just started to use a new can of Niagen and was wondering whether I got a bad batch. My own perceptions were confirmed when a colleague asked me if I was sleeping bad as I looked worn out. At that point I concluded its time to stop my dosing and timing experiment and go back to the 250mg morning and 250mg Niagen just before sleeping. After a week or so I felt back on the right track and a few more weeks later I am back where I was before I started to experiment. On a very recent trip another colleague asked whether I would be willing to share my age, which I did. He said that is what he had heard but that because he was as old as me but perceived himself looking much older he decided to ask.

Based on my experiment I have since recommended my parents to also split their dose in morning and just before bed time (upto now they took something morning and something afternoon). They have done that change and also perceive an improvement, in addition they think they sleep better.

So that makes it 3 persons that see differences in benefit depending on dosing and timing. Therefore it probably makes sense to experiment a bit when you are using Niagen to find out what works best for you. Also I am still using pterostilbene, ginkgo biloba and rotate (meaning I do not use them all at the same time) honokiol, fisetin, quercetin, luteolin for their reported preventative efficacy against different cancers.

For the rest I am doing very well, energetic, healthy, vision stable, hair continuing to improve (already for over two years) and mind sharp. I have an optimistic feeling this blog will be up for decades.





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