End of 2018, that hair is still going strong

My last update is from May this year so I thought I would write a quick note before the year ends. A long update I plan for next year when I reach 4 years of NR and supplement use.

For this post I thought to add some new pics about my hair, more specifically the hairline. Being a male in the very late 40s the only direction for the hairline should be retreat. However since I started to use NR that retreat has stopped and reversed. Moreover my hair has thickened. It goes slow but its ongoing for over 3.5 years now. I find it incredible, while the folks around me age I stand still in time.

Check for yourself in the picture below. Earlier posts and comparison pictures from for example 2016 you can find here.

Wish you all a merry xmas and a happy and healthy 2019.



comparison end of 2018

FYI  – a person commented: ” Your hair looks thicker but you appear to have more wrinkles which is more evident at right lower corner of 2018 photo”

My answer: “Good observation but that is not the case. My skin is better. The wrinkles come from trying to look to the side and upward at the phone screen to maneuver the cam so I get the same angle as the original I took almost 4 years ago. I should have taken that first picture differently so it would be easier to redo. Wrt wrinkles they have stayed somewhat the same. They did not go away but didn’t increase either. What did change is more “filling” in the skin. I assume collagen increased as my face looks fuller”

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