5 years Nicotinamide Riboside, support your immune system

I passed the 5 years of NR (Niagen) use and planned to write an indepth update on my experience, but with being healthy in the time of COVID-19 so important instead a quick note now. I also became 50 years old last month, hard to believe that time passes so fast. And a final timing point, its about 7 years ago that I wrote a first blog post about NR. In this period of life aging tends to strike but I am yet to see any victories for the aging enemy. I am healthy, I am fit, my brain works as always, I have a youthful appearance. My hairline, one of the few visible markers of my aging, is still improving / re-growing at snail speed. But it does mean I have a lower hairline than 5 years ago. The other ailments I tracked and disappeared are still gone such as the one finger on my hands that would go numb in winter cold. My parents passed 80 years of age and still have brisk 1.5 hours walks every day. Dad still does his cycling rides of upto 70km a couple times a week. They have their challenges but they are mobile, wits together, have energy. Perhaps its all a co-incidence but there are no signs of longevity genes in our wider family today or history. For me it is too much of a co-incidence so I keep using NR and so do my parents and in fact so do all that I recommended trying it.

Why post now? With the corona virus striking the older population the importance of being healthy and in shape seems more important than ever and I would recommend all to give NR a look.

For starters however there are no human trials that prove NR as supplement for preventing or curing COVID-19 / corona virus. In fact I do get flu’s still in winter but they come and go without ever “putting me in bed”. There are however several studies linking NAD+ to immune strength and my common sense tells me that if I catch a disease while I am strong and healthy I have better chances to cure fast:

Breakdown of de novo NAD+ synthesis may underlie declining NAD+ levels and rising innate immune dysfunction in aging and age-associated diseases

Study that shows low NAD+ levels could be tied to higher severity and morbidity rates with COVID-19.

Here, we delineated a two-sided effect of NAD+ blocking septic shock through a specific inhibition of the non-canonical inflammasome and promoting immune homeostasis via IL-10, underscoring its unique therapeutic potential

Sirtuin 1 regulates mitochondrial function and immune homeostasis in respiratory syncytial virus infected dendritic cells

Nicotinamide riboside is available on the market in a stable and safe formulation (Niagen) and for sale, for example on Amazon or the TruNiagen website. If you decide to buy compare prices well, there are upto 25% or so differences.

Wish you a good Easter.


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