About this Blog

This blog and all articles published are written by an experimenter of anti-aging supplements and lifestyle habits. The blog is as a place where I summarize the essence of interesting and noteworthy articles and in case it is applicable add additional conclusions/observations. In general the supplements on the blog are the ones I use or see potential in.

I decided to create the blog because sometimes I want to look something up, read again but with so much researched published its hard to remember where I read it. Or at other times I want to share an interesting finding with friends or acquaintances.  So the blog serves to save myself some trouble and help others to find useful information. In the mean time the blog has started to attracts a wider audience and hopefully it is useful to you.

Please contribute your ideas and experiences too in the comments.


Note: All articles on this blog are written by myself – that means copies on other websites come from here and not vice versa